Rockin' the 'Tards

Boy we blazed last night in Keene NH. Why is it that public outdoor summer concerts are always attended by 90% "Spanish Royalty" if you get my drift? Man, I feel like Lennon makin' fun of the front row. One of many, many things John and I have in common. "Spastics". Ha ha. Sometimes I feel a kinship to the tardies, having temporarily joined their ranks on many occasions. Keyboard player Gary Gagnon in this band is such a better human being than me. He goes out in the crowd with the wireless and does the Joe Elliot thing and gets 'em all pumped up. What a guy. "Clap your hands!" "Don't feel bad if you miss!" He's going to heaven. I, meanwhile, am up on stage making 'tard faces at the drummer. Boy, that's evolved.

I sure look like a 'tard, huh, speakin' of? Blrg glrp. Not to mention I'm flippin' the bird w/ my fret hand. I'm really glad it's on th' front of the paper up there today. Lookit singer Debbie. I think she's in the middle section of "Love To Love You Baby". Hee hee.

Fuck The Man!!!!!!!!!




Smith 'n' Wesson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 'Tard Ass,
pretty funny and yet poignant,too! If gary's going to heaven then you're going to hell in a handbasket. I liked the flipping everyone off in the picture. Its the first thing I saw!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

Yes, Debbie...poignant. Poignant.

We at the Orchestra Of Sweet Regret are all about Poignant.

And retards.

3:43 PM  

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