All of my favorite records came out in 1979 Part Six

Power pop introduced one of its most all-time brilliant performers when Joe Jackson released his lean, hook-drenched classic "Look Sharp" in 1979. Do you have any idea what was on this record? This record had more hits than a domestic dispute at the De La Joya residence. We're talking "Look Sharp", "Is She Really Going Out With Him", "Fools In Love". We're talking "Baby Stick Around". We're talking "ONE MORE TIME". Jesus Christ! 1979, y'all. Props to the mad rekkids of '79, yo.
Oh, and all you kids with your hip hop? Hip hop was OLD in 1979. Hip hop was a lame FAD that came and went while all this GREAT MUSIC was being made. Hip hop was so old, so lame, so done, that white people were putting raps on their albums already. But hey, that's no fault of hip hop. Hip hop can't be blamed for the fact that it is a creatively bankrupt art form, y'know wh'am saying? That by definition it is a music that crawls up its own ass and says nothing of any value. That without misogyny and violence and guns and murder it has no function at all except to introduce kids to "Funky Drummer" by stealing from James Brown. That a generation of black entertainers have disappeared from the white radar screen (except for stupid high school boys with their pants down low) and made white people think that all black people are useless, violent gangbangers who value nothing but jewelry and cars and guns. Don't blame hip hop for being the cleverest marketing scam of entertainment history, completely co-opted by white or Japanese for christ's sake record label scumbags. Oh, yeah- that's some rebellious shit right there, yo. Word, yo.  Posted by Hello


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