back when karen carpenter had meals.

is it just me or is early-to-mid 70-s soft rock sort of where it's at?

with music downloads you can satisfy just about any musical wild hair you have, and i recently put together some of the songs that reminded me of a time when i looked forward to making out with girls 4 or 5 years hence. Um, "Rainy Days And Mondays"? This is like fucking Palestrini, gentle folk. If you don't believe me listen for yourself. "Summer Breeze"? "Ventura Highway"? "If You Leave Me Now"? This stuff is like The Well Tempered Clavier as far as being the obvious springboard for subsequent modern pop arrangement and songcraft. Ambrosia, Bread, America- I mean, I _ask_ you.

I like it a lot. I even found some coke on ebay.

can you tell?


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