Th' Lightfoot RepubliKKKan WeeKKKend Roundup

Oh, yes indeedydo and a fuckin' tax kut ta yoooo.

Big week for the fat fux in th' GOP, dawg, yes yes yes.

In breaking news, several million Americans took a butt-shellackin' by our fat bespectacled friends of Himmler.

Many millions of them were told to like it so they did. They UH UH OW OOOH liked it real good.

Bush mamma th' elder (she of the one dollar bill) thought the Katrina refugees (sorry- "Future Other-Abled") were sitting mighty pretty in the fucking Exxondome. Bush mamma the younger warned us all of the dangers of Hurricane Corrine Corrina.
Dribbleya got the beleaguered DPW of Lake New Orleans to fire up some goddamn generators so he could make his cruddy little speech in a glow of Christ light and many no doubt went without 'lectricity for their respirators and that.

But, hey- who fucking cares? Right? Fuck 'em!

In other news I heard some dillhole (what does that mean?) who is like some chief science officer for the Heeby Jeebis White House object to mobilizing against global warming "because if we're going to spend billions we'd better darned well have our facts straight".

Boy, yeah. That's a good idea. Good to have those kooky factoroonies reckinned right.

Am I the only one simultaneously chuckling and horking up lung chunks into my lap on that one? Huh? Fu-huh-huhuck that HURTS. Trust me. Mmmm. Yummy lung chunks. Kind of black 'n' smoky, but goo-oo-od.

Oh, you fuckers. Oh, it's like a perfect storm. It's the Fat Bespectacled leading the Fat And Stupid.

Hey, fuckers- I'm not a patriot. I'm not. I'm a bad American. I'm no patriot. I like France whisper whisper. See, French people have as much to do with their country's bad decisions as me 'n' mine have to do with America's bleak calls. 'Bout as much. See? See how it's the same? See how you have to apply the same standard of judgement?

See, other countries aren't "red" and "blue". It's just downright kooky.

You should go see one sometime. I mean, before the Endtimes. Most of 'em have MiKKKy Dee's now so you don't have to go without.

Fucking assholes.

Ah, what else? What else?

Oh, I took an elbow to the face today in basketball. Not a fucking PEEP out of fucking FEMA.


Ah, yes, and the emminent Mssr. Le Viscount LaCarte chimed in on 'bortion today. A fine read.

Here's the dealio with that- Conservative polesmokers seem to think 'bortion will go away if we legislate it away. Yeah, that'll work out real good, you Small Government folk. Yeah, that's how it works. That's why no one smokes weed or drinks 'n' drives. boy, put that shit down on a piece of paper and away it goes. It's like Republican MagiKKK.

So, here's what I think about you emminently compassionate polesmokers- you don't really fuckin' care if it goes down or not, you just wanna wash your hands of it so you and yer fella bowhunters kin get in to heaven registered trademark. So you can check th' box on the Saint Peter In Triplicate form.

How's about this- all you're going to do is make it so only your rich li'l white girls can get 'bortions safely. Little Missy and Prissy Rove can jet off to Sweden after the roofies do their work and the naughty frat boys knock 'em up. All the others? hey- it's like everything else in your vision of AmeriKKKa registered trademark, right?

Hey, fuck 'em. They can fucking die in alleys, right? Fuck 'em.

No, hey- FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. Get a fucking clue, you fucking bowhunters. Life is a dirty god damn mess. It's all wrapped up with guts and bad deaths. You can't Cinemax it away as much as you'd like to, you idiots.

And that, my friends and not-so-friends, is the Lightfoot RepubliKKKan Weekend Roundup. Registered Trademark.







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