The Soulfinger Diaries #2: Foxwoods Resort Casino, 12.10.05

God damn Lula! That sister is going to keep me th' hell on my toes. This lady puts out a verse to "Hey Bartender" and then looks at you when it's your turn and damn it, you better go 125%, man. Can you imagine? Phoning it in is NOT an option. And all her keys fit me like a glove; we have the same damn range which basically makes her a tenor/ baritone. Jesus. A LOUD tenor. I'm usually above her on a harmony. And she don't truck with no vibrato crap. She comes down on a long note and it's straight and unaffected like a ship's horn. Quite a contrast to my Faces/Rod Stewart thing. Drummer said I sounded like a cross between...I forget. Delbert McClinton was in there so that's fine. Delbert god damn McClinton. That's better than the usual comparisons I field: Lenny Kravitz, Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams. Oh- it was Bryan Adams. A cross between Delbert and Bryan. Hmm. Delbert's got a little warble going.

The whole race thing is interesting. I mean, I'm obviously a total wegro. A black wannabe of the highest order. I'm like one of those idiot white hip hop guys but I'm about 35 years behind the times. I'm back in '71 with the space outfits and the bigass felt hats. That's probably why a lot of people who come at my stuff from the Pet Sounds/XTC end of things don't get their boats floated.

Note to self: deploy "Good God!"s with extreme caution. No sense in being Terence Trent D'Whitey. As good as it feels.


Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Jesus, wish I was there. Casino: That's appropriate. Sounds like Bobby's gambling.

aldec - My record label, when you guys are ready...

4:13 PM  
Blogger Soundsurfr said...

And under no circumstances can the cracker say "Good God Yawl". It'd be a reverse lynching. And rightly so.

5:42 PM  

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