Th' Soulfinger Diaries: The Gristmill, Killington VT, 1.15.06

Band wants to do "Oh, Darling!" but I'm more on the side of doing "Hey Jude" the way Wilson does.

Ah, the crowning night at Killington. A nice early gig with a very hungover Ace and an equally contrite Levy Pontchartraine. Snap out of it, divas. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I love that we had to scramble to make a 5 PM curtain. Nothing like waking up and doing a show.

Here- here's a nice lullabye for a sleepy bassist and saxist. Here's Lightfoot on 11 after a nice long night's sleep and a sauna and steak tips. There's a couple of little dropouts (haven't paid for that mastering plugin yet) and a vocal accident or two but the feeling's fuckin' there. Gosh, this is actually kind of nice. I'll fix the dropouts and repost this when I have a goddamn instant. Listen to what Tito does on th' guitar solo. That guy is nuts. One of them savants.

Wow. This is my favorite. I'll fix this. I suck it at the end though. Cover yo' ears.

Drove Levy's Subaru back south with Manila Godown and Pontchartraine snoozing peacefully. Levy's got that Sirius shit and I listened to a lot of really bad comedy.

God damn Soulfinger. See you next month, Killington. Oh, we met one of th' upper management and we've got free skiing in Feb. Sweet.


Blogger fgfdsg said...

In my own geeky white boy way I'm kind of embarrassed to admit I mainly know this song due to buying the "She's Having A Baby" soundtrack for the XTC song.

Hey, if you've ever stomped your way through "Get Ready" i'd love to hear that one!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Employee of the Month said...

Comped skiiing. So the mustache worked, no?

LHGHA - Jerry Lewis hitting his first mogul.

8:19 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

Man - this is a good gig! Ride this train Bobby as long as you can...

8:44 PM  
Anonymous flem snopes said...

Based on hearing Crazy Love I'd say Soulfinger's got the chops for Hey Jude, ala Wilson Pickett.

That's Duane behind Wilson by the way, in case you forgot...


2:49 AM  

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