All Growed Up

Seven years since I was on th' charts.

Six years since my last long tour.

Three years since I've seen LA.

Six years since I've signed an autograph.

Six years since I've signed a contract.

Five years since those Hollywood gigs.

Five years since I've seen Dave Navarro and Scott Wieland.

Ten years since I've known it was over.

Two years since I started making good music.

Three years since It Came To Me.


Blogger pop renaissance said...

...and 2 minutes since my last joint.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous the brentmeister general said...

Okay, so Sting is in his monastery practicing Tantric self-love and Kenny G is in bin bags under my patio, but where are the rest of them, Bobby? Where?
Did It Come To Them Too? Or are they still out there?
If you glue your lips together to prevent yourself saying "bookworm" you say bnnwnrb

3:57 PM  
Blogger beyond passionate said...

42 years since the Beatles changed my life

42 years since I began playing guitar

40 years since my first public gig

22 years since I realized "it" ain't gonna happen

14 years since my last public gig

11 1/2 months left (the end of the year) to record (home studio) my grand opus, guaranteed to get my picture on the cover of Rolling Stone as the "most overdue debut of the voice of a generation"

kwhjge- uh...uh...what I'll name my band

9:58 PM  

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