John Bolton- Dangerous Neocon Polesmoking Felcheteer Number 6

I'm going to make this as simple as I can. There's nothing wrong with having the courage of your convictions. AS LONG AS YOUR CONVICTIONS DON'T FUCKING SUCK.

It's the same problem we're having with most of these strong silent IDIOTS. Hey, America, will you admire me if I'm really, really resolute in my stance that all the bunnies should be skinned alive???

Wait, don't answer.


I always wanted to say that. Jesus, just LOOK at this ASSHOLE. The ANGER drips off him like sick fever sweat. What an ASSHOLE. He's one of those people who starts talking all quiet and then gets SHRILLER and SHRILLER until he's all RED and SCREAAAAAAMING from the RIGHTEOUSNESS of his CONVICTIONS.

Yeah, I'll sign the petition to not have him elected. I'll sign it on his FOREHEAD with a FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER. "Bobby Aloysius Barnhard McGillicuddy Robinson Manson Lightfoot the XXXXXIIIIIIIIII".

Goddammit, when can I SLEEP??????????


Blogger johnny phenothiazine said...

I hate to sound like I'm defending a pole smoking felcheteer like John Bolton - god damn I truly love the phrase "pole smoking felcheteer," it's such a great, great phrase that I think I'll type it again - "pole smoking felcheteer" - there - but, in the interest of objective fact, my beard and mustache have done the same damn thing, turned Santa Claus white, while the hair atop my head remains reasonably close to as dark as it was way, way back when I was young and still had hope. And not only have I not dyed anything, I also haven't gotten a haircut for fifteen years now.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

Ya done schooled me, Pheno.

I bet you've never skinned and eaten indigenous children either.

I'm taking "dark hair with white facial hair" off my neocon polesmoking felcheteer list AS WE SPEAK.

Rock on. Just rock th' fuck on.

10:15 PM  

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