And the prize for funniest comment on one of my posts goes to...

...Flem Snopes for his comment on my "Trading With Baby Jeezis" game a few days ago. Truly some funny shit from th Faulkneresque Mr. S. And not only did he crack me up with the knowing thrust of his prose (mmmmmmm....), he coined the name "baby jeebus" which I have appropriated freely in my own thrusting prose. that's some funny shit right there yo.

Your prize may be collected here.

Also, an honorable mention to the parents of the cute kid whose picture I swiped randomly from their website. Keep him away from the Dark Path! Posted by Hello


Anonymous flem snopes said...

First, I?d like to thank the Academy? Wait,? Dang,? OK, here goes? confession mode OK, OK, I stole ?jeebus.? Whew, that?s a load off! /confession mode But the rest was all mine and from the heart. Do I still get partial credit?

I got jeebus (and I?m keeping him) from Tbogg. (http://www.tbogg.blogspot.com). A worthwhile blog which I commend to your attention. Jeebus is worth the charge of theft and I?ll leave my defense to Oscar Wilde, ?Talent borrows, genius steals.?

Come what may I remain,

Your fan,

flem snopes

2:02 AM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

Oh, hell, Flem- I'm a songwriter.

I've stolen everything I've ever done. Innovation is selective thievery. Your Bloggie is in th' mail and I'm psyched to check out Tbogg ASAP.

4:09 PM  

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