Paris Hilton: Slutpope

How about if the Pope was a rich slut? A rich, spoiled slut who goes around banging anything that moves and just basically sucks?

I think It Could Work. It has potential. Think about it. I mean, this Pope was a pussy peacenik who was always trying to cause peace to break out like a canker on the face of the Corporate Agenda. Problem is, aside from 18 trillion hysterical Latin American housewives who still believe in th' Evil Eye, nobody really gave a toss. And that's a problem.

'Kay, so say you're a world leader and you're fixing to put half your population on the points of bayonets so Monsanto can clear another 15 bucks. What's gonna stop you from doing that? Some old geezebag who cruises around in a car with a bubble or a sleazy rich hooker looking up at you while she undoes your fly with her teeth? When was the last time some bugeyed African nutjob dictator mulched a million people whilst doing th' tonsildance with some rich white whore?

Nothing's coming to me, people. I'm not getting anything.

Paris Hilton- Polesmokin' L'il Slutpope.

Can't you see it?

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