Guys Remember McKenzie 'n' Pud????

Man, this brings back some fun memories! Ken McKenzie and Pud!! Remember? Metro Radio in th' late 60's? Fun!! : ) : ) : )

Ken McKenzie and Pud kicked ass! They'd do that sorta jukebox jury thing where Ken would play a record and Pud would give it a happy sound or a Bronx cheer?

Man, that was awesome. I loved Ken McKenzie and Pud.

Actually, I just made this up. I never fucking heard of Ken McKenzie OR his little carry-on, Pud. I'm just trying to clean out my "My Pictures" folder and I came across this crapulescence.

Fucking Pud. Probly wound up turning tricks or dead in a alley with a syringe sticking out of her forehead. And her superior vena cava.

Ken, I can only surmise. Either way I reckon he's dead. Fuckin' dead. Fuckers die, you know? Life's like that. Just sort of comes and goes. For some people it's like an Ingmar Bergman movie, you know? It just goes ON and ON and fucking ON but for a lotta joes it's more like a radio ad then over 'n' out good night New York we're the DEAD fucking dudes love you man. One minute you're the hot thing with yer little family bagage act on god damn Metro Radio and th' next you're a fucking rotting corpse with a bad fucking bowl hair wig that th' Program Director made you get to look hip but you just look like a dingleberry but who cares now because you're deader than Environmental Policy.

That god damn Ken McKenzie. What an utter, craven shit that guy was. Ripped me off for thousands, too. It was one of those christing pyramid things and I BIT. I was young. Young and in love. With Pud. No, just kidding. She was too old for me.

Oh, I forgot that I let on that I made all this up.

What the fuck- odds are good he's a shit.

He's in radio.


Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Remember Pud - the character in Fleer bubblegum's imitation-Bazooka-Joe comics inserted into penny pieces of their gum in vicious retaliation for Bazooka Joe's fucking success, eye-patch and all, the fucking gum pirate bastard????

8:15 PM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

That rocks. I like how my blog brings out the cursin', resentful git in you all. I like to think it's therapeutic.


8:35 PM  
Blogger Pinko Punko said...

i tried to look up McKenzie- one slight mention, looks like he might have been at the station that invented the "beautiful music" format (that predated Adult Contemp)- he may have done the sign off when the station went floppo. Literally the only mention of the dude on the whole internets. Wikipedia man,

2:57 AM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

So, he deserves to be dead.


5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken or Pud is not dead! Pud or Sara as she is more commonly known is the manager or a national Audio Visual Company and Ken now owns his own Creative Media Company..

ps your all a bunch of horrible bastards!

6:01 AM  

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