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Man, I wonder what it's like to be just fuckin' ripping through your links, catching up on your favorite bliggies and YouTube videos of people sticking their heads up each other's asses and all of a sudden you click over my way and there's a new song.

No exhortations towards lynching neoconservatives, none of my usual louche, satin-upholstered prose. Just a bunch of jangly crap and longing with guitars and drums and electric piano.

"Love Is Only Sleeping" (yes, I know it's the title of an old Monkees song- fuck those guys) is an old, old song dating back to about 1995 or even '94. I was living on a hillside in Spring Valley CA having moved to Cali th' year before. I was wondering what I was doing there, trying to get my band together. Man.

Anyway, it's about this and it's about that. It's about attraction and repulsion and difficult decisions and love. Pure biography, like all of them. This new studio recording was done over the last two weeks.

Points of interest:

-I ripped the drums off of Michael Penn's 1989 "This And That" and edited them into various loops for the drum track.
-One of the original influences on this song was "Stay With Me (Beautiful Girl)" by INXS. Also big were The Sundays who I've always loved, their second album Blind is quite a bit of craft. The song "Goodbye" is utter, complete pop magic. The guitar orgy after the first chorus of "Love Is Only Sleeping" is pure Gavurin.
-I lifted the guitar solo note-for-note off the original demo to create that rarity, the Bobby Lightfoot guitar solo that doesn't blow laughably. I was thinking Beatles At The Beeb.

Love Is Only Sleeping

City scenes and magazines, staring faces, lights in every window
Down 57th Street
Waste another year or two, waiting for a dream that's never coming true-
Coming home to you

Close your eyes
And I'll sing you a song that I wrote when I was young
Love is only sleeping

Highway racing by beneath my wheels, she slip away into the distance
Pet Sounds on the radio...

All those years that came and went, bless my soul- we swallowed all the evidence
But that's all over now...

Close your eyes
And I'll sing you a song that I wrote when I was young
Love is only sleeping

The same old stars you always see-
They're shining down on me
They're shining down on me

The wind that takes your breath away-
It's filling up my sails
It's filling up my sails

Close your eyes
We could dream of a world where your heart can only grow...
And love is only sleeping

Close your eyes
Love is only sleeping...

Should be able to download here.
If the amazing modern technology fucks the dog this'll be available to hear at this fucking thing.
Nice English, huh?
Hey ben- I keep forgetting- gimme your email and I'll give you that other thing too. How's preproduction for the big album going?


Blogger fgfdsg said...

The feeling I get when I see a new song up here is hard to describe. Joy and horror both. I know it will be very, very good, and depress me no end at how feeble my own performance skills are.

Beaut song, as usual. Gorgeous stuff. A little bit of Summertime in this cold, cold winter.

I wish you could experience the way I listen to your music, on my morning walks in the aussie bushland. Pretty amazing, if you stop and think about it for a second.

I like the breaking down of the fourth wall with the 'I'll sing you a song that I wrote when I was young' line, since you are singing a song your wrote when you were younger.

In a weird case of synchronicity, I was similarly inspired by 'Beautiful Girl' back in the day to write my own song influenced by it. The strange thing is, I never really liked INXS in the slightest. I wonder why that particular song triggered off the urge to imitate in both of us?

5:18 AM  
Blogger Employee of the Month said...

Please email me the file and your convenience. Thank you.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Employee of the Month said...


cheap coffee

9:55 AM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

Hey, Simon-

Yeah, I was aware of the third wall "when I was young" thing. I enjoyed that. I remember when I wrote it thinking it would be fun to recut it in 10 years.

I know- I don't dig INXS either. I think that song has such a minimal, meat-and-potatoes percolation going on. Totally appealing.

1:13 PM  
Blogger MichaelBains said...

You are one of the few people I've "met" who've even heard of the Sundays.

Great band, but I can't find their stuff anywhere around Cleveland. Nothin' but their cover of Wild Horses.

I like the toon, too. Makes me wanna record something.

6:30 AM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

This is the shit Bobby. It is going to be the second one of yours to make it to a Tom Kite compilation. Fuckin love it on first listen...

9:30 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Now that's my kind of jangly crap! And the solo definitely has shades of Rubber Soul in it. The "close your eyes" lead-in to the chorus is particularly effective.

Pre-production has now become post-production - I spent most of the money I have on one weekend in the studio (saving just enough for mastering, mixing, and manufacturing) and banged out ten tracks. I'm pretty damn happy with the results, if I may say so myself.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Finally got around to a download and listen. Agree with the "jangly crap" comment.

My god, the feeling I get when I hear a jangly guitar, or better yet a platoon of 'em. I love that sound.

There oughta be a School of Jangly Guitar Playing. They can play, say, The Records' "Starry Eyes" and go on from there. And back from there, too, come to think.

5:32 PM  

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