I Can't Get Th' Title Right For This One.

yeah, I remembered this a little while ago and thought I'd get it off my chest.

Th' only catholic priest I remember as a child was old Father Finley who lived up the street and used to give us Oreos and Coke and tell us stories about UFOs.

He never moved in on any neighborhood boy that I can recall.

As to whether he filmed us unawares and spanked off to it later is anyone's guess. And I can only say this in defense of good old Father Finley who I'm sure did th' Mortal Coil Shuffle long ago: if he had ever taken it upon himself to bend any of us li'l sprats over the kitchen table I'm sure it would have been with a good-natured laugh and a tender and loving reacharound.

that's not a picture of him. I just googled "buggering clergy" or something.


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