All of my favorite records came out in 1979 Part Thirteen!

Betcha didn't know that Squeeze's brilliant, classic album "Cool For Cats" came out in that fateful year of, you guessed it, 1979. Containing so many classic, simple, chewy songs it was ridiculous, songs like "Up The Junction" "Goodbye Girl" and "Slap And Tickle", this album was about the best thing since, well, whatever fucking CLASSIC album came out five minutes before or after it.

Unlike NOW where you get a decent record maybe once a year. Actually, I take that back. Classics are being made in garages and basements all over the fucking world but they'll never be released because the people making them aren't perfect physical specimens or 19 years old or don't have huge, scary, balloonlike Frankentits. Fake tits there's always this scar around the aereola where they hacked off the nipple and threw it in a jar of pickled eggs while they pumped the victim's chest with slaughterhouse castoffs not fit for franks through the little vacant aereolahole (sp?). Then they sew the fucking nipple back on. Badly. Sometimes they get the right and left mixed up. Hey, who gives a fuck, right?

Squeeze? Not a balloonlike tit among them. Not one. All Grade-A natural prime pale pasty British flesh, yessir. Like musicians are supposed to be.

What can I say? 1979. Cool For Cats, yes, indeed.

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