The Ware River Club Hardly Knows I Exist

I know we only had a one-night stand together, but now I can't stop thinking about the Ware River Club. I know they don't feel the same way. It was just a fling for them. Maybe I'll find another band sort of like them and when we play I'll close my eyes and pretend it's them.

I know I pleased them, but you know how fickle bands are. They'll just go with the cute bass player, the bad-boy bass player. Not the one that really cares about them. Not the one who really loves them. Not the one that understands them.

And then when he dumps them I'll be here and like an idiot I'll take them back.

I'm in love with The Ware River Club. I'll act all cool around them, but inside my heart will be breaking. Some night when I'm playing some Legion hall for a c-note with some faceless R&B band I'll probably have a Smirnoff Ice too many and then I'll call them late at night and leave a ridiculous message on their answering machine. You know how it is when you're smitten like this and you can't keep yourself from doing idiotic things and you just get in deeper and deeper and the band just thinks you're a bigger and bigger fool.

Why are bands so mean? No other bass player will care about them like I do. Just look what foolish love has done to me.


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