Deer Baby Lupus

forgive me lupster it's been a week since my last conflection. I have lusted in my heart this week. I have lusted for the TASCAM 24 track standalone desktop digible multitrick. Also I have experienced erectile function for a 1986 Musicman Stingray 5-string. sunburp with pearloid pickgourd. I don't want my '94 Peavey Foundation or my 84 carvin fretless to feel jealous and i'm just mortified by my behavior. You have no idea what we've been through together. And they've stood by me. They could have belonged to a Contender. The stingray is out of my league, too; doesn't know I exist.

Do i exist, frootloopus? Do I? Am I dreaming or is the dream dreaming me? Is the solar system an atom in the toenail of a turple?

If I get horny for digital hardware is that Intelligent Desire?

'kay, everything I said this week- I take it back. Murder as a solution, Colin Moulding being catty, Neddie Jingle being violence, saying good things about "The Soul Cages", saying mean things about that nice man Jerry Springer (hurkkklk).

All water under the bridge. With PCBs.

Rocked some folks this week. That was good. Except the substitute guitar player was horrible. But, hey. Made me play some awful Skynnrd song that was like Am C G for like six minutes. You want to know why people don't listen to live music anymore? YOU CAN'T BE SO CARELESS ANY MORE. IT'S IN ALL OF OUR INTEREST TO BE GOOD AND ENTERTAINING AND LARGER THAN LIFE. OR IT'S ALL GONNA GOOOOOO AWAY. GROW UP, BLOOZFAGS, all of ya. IT'S NOT FOR YOU, IT'S FOR THEM, WHAT'S PAYIN'. IT AIN'T YOUR PARTY. Glack. sportch.

Am recording the Bobby Lightfoot X-plosion (I took out the "Blues" because blues is boring unless it's Blind Lemon Pledge or Yellowbelly or whoever) and boy it sounds good. Hank the South African guitarist is warming to my piecemeal, brilliant, pointillistic production approach and things is settling down. Tracked him with a Twin on the left, a decent Line 6 on the right facing each other, 8 feet apart. On-axis 57 on th' Twin, off-axis 57 on th' Line 6, and dig this- right in the middle, four feet from each amp in my live and pretty basement a nice wide-diaphragm condenser in a figure-8. A CAD Equitek to be precise. Nice, dark mic that. Printed these each to their own track and ended up more often than not just using the condenser track. Lovely. Spacious. Makes ya not want to overdub anymore.

So piss off, Beebee Beulh if you have a problem with me this week. Your kid-molesting henchmen? The ones you smile upon? Fucking assholes couldn't record live guitar if their little child-focused pizzles depended on it. Fuck those guys.

Love you, Baby Ploppus. Have a awesome week and don't forget to put hydrocortisone and vitamin E on those nasty scars.

Oh- I dreamt you were dragging your cross down fifth avenue. What does it mean Jeebus? What's it all mean?

Amen, Bobby Lightfoot

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