The Christers Of Wimpole Street.

Reread my post about the Ashers and Swinging London and world traveling and I liked it. Somebody has to.

You know who wouldn't like it? Christers wouldn't. They wouldn't be able to hang with that shit atall. Christers don't like when you think and read and travel unless it's for Baby You-Know-Who and to take away people's choice. Even though they spout that creepy fucking Free Will shit. Christers suck. I know I'm on about it, but it's not my fault.

What's it like, you Christers? What's it like to be so fucking beholden to being stupid and insular and anti-intellectual and stupid? I know you're not born with two-figure IQ's. I know you have to cultivate that through years of hating normal human impulses and heaping blame on everyone who doesn't share your fucked-up shit. Boy, what are we going to do with you? There's more of you fuckers every day, which follows since it's Wrong To Fuck With Birth Control. Oh, wait- it's only SUPPOSEDLY wrong to use birth control. See, you have to live in Flawed Vessels like the rest of us so you can't help but want to fuck so since that doesn't fit in you change your Sacred Doctrine just a little bit to accomodate that. The only Christers I despise worse than the dyed-in-the-wool Moonie nutjobs that go along with ALL that freakish shit are the ones who pick and choose because, really, it came down to Jesus and the new SUV and you couldn't afford the SUV so you're gonna go the Jesus route this month. You craven fucking idiots. You're breaking everything. You're fucking everything up because your numbers make you so powerful but since you're so unrelentingly STUPID you're making everything into Stupidworld.

You elect people who act like they're on your side because you're so STUPID that you fall for it, and then they get into office and start plying their own moneydrunk fucked up shit, and you think That's What Jesus Would Do because you're so fucking braindead.

Good move, Christers. I gotta say, we haven't had a Wardrobe Malfunction in a while. Hey, maybe you guys are right!

Oh, and you nutjob womanhating freakish ammo-hording Muslim fuckholes? Don't think this is about warming to YOUR side. You are the only thing on the fucking planet that is actually WORSE than Christers. you turn my insides to pus. Maybe all you fuckers SHOULD have a holy war. Then you can take each other out in an incredible display of Natural Selection. You go. You go, all you god damned ignorant idiots. Rock and Roll.

Boy, I am a many-sided dude, huh? I can't help it. This fucking religious shit is like acid in my veins. I mean, you wanna worship something like a bunch of fucking rainforest dwellers, you wanna make blood sacrifices to Boolo-Wanga-Booloo be my guest.

Just maybe go do it in the rainforest.

And plant some fucking trees while you're there. That's What Jeezus Would Do.


Anonymous christer said...

i a christer.

you mean stoopid. you go hell

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

I bet I'm going to hell, too. Ever notice how as you age the warmer weather feels better than cold? I should be right ready by the time I get there...

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies and gents, meet The Christers Of Wimpole Street -- from r to l -- Jason Bolt, Joshua Bolt, Jeremy Bolt, etc., etc.

It's all about the togs, people.

2:12 PM  

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