It's Just Like Real Life

All this talk of sudden deployment makes me think of the cinematic process of readying oneself for the Big Showdown.

I love that shit in the movies where the disciple is called upon by the Master or perhaps by his own inner desire to kick ass registered trademark to become Great. It's always the same. Early derision from the master, a montage of the disciple not kicking ass, a montage of the disciple gradually starting to kick ass, and then final proof of the disciple's asskickingness. You got your Zorro, your Karate Kid, your Rocky, jesus the examples are endless. It's just like real life. That's just what it's like.

Except that in real life:

a) it takes a little longer than 3 minutes of cutscenes and calender days floating by.

b) it ends up taking the bad guy 2 minutes instead of one to work your shit.

c) everything ends up the same but you get through the last 40 years of your life by telling yourself you "gave it everything you had".

I love that fucking crap.

Oh- School of Rock. Let's not forget School Of Rock. I love how Jack Black is all anti-drug in that movie. Yeah, Jack. Mm-hmm.


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