Proper Recording Protocol: The Use Of "Oh-wey-oh".

This particular exclamation is NEVER EVER used in good music. In horrible music it is acceptable.
Particular egregious is when the harmonic path in the dreaded "Oh-wey-oh" is I-IV-II.

Never, ever use the phrase "Oh-wey-oh".

Horrid examples: That shitty "Latin" Rob Thomas song. The horrible Brian Wilson song from "Imagination" called "South American". Sheesh. I think it even featured that execrable cipher Jiminy Buffet. Morris Day and The Time: "Jungle Love". Gruesome. The hideous career-ending "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles contains the offensive exclamation. Shiver. The Bangles. Jesus, they broke up so they "could have babies". If there's ANYTHING ON THE PLANET lamer than that, I have not made its acquaintance. "Eternal Flame" indeed. I get that when I listen to them and I'm out of Prevacid.

Jesus. Fucking HEART was better. Until that one sister ate the other one. Even at their lamest they were free of oh-wey-oh contamination.

'nuff said. A free schnapps to further examples.

P.S. Only The Police from '79-'83 are allowed to use "ee-oh" or "cha" because that's how cool they were. Further use has been forbidden by the O.A.O.

Oh- just thought you guys might want to read some lyrics from The Albuquerque Gay Drumming Circle while we are uncharacteristically on the topic of things that could benefit from some fertilizer-based explosives.

Actually I take that back. Homsexuals rock, as long as they're not bitching about celebrity hairdos on that GOD DAMN VH1. We'll leave homo bashing to those fucking Christer Cultist Weirdo Freaks that Eat Their Young. My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend. Especially when he compliments my ensemble.

How many of your buddies tell you your shirt's lookin' good?

Plus, there is no sign of "oh-wey-oh"'s in said lyrics.


Anonymous bryan said...

The Wicked Witch's guards from The Wizard of Oz rock the "oh-wey-oh".

It's not from a song, but had it been it would have assuredly been terrible.

Where's my schnapps?

1:46 PM  

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