Might I Consider It A Safe Assumption That We Haven't Forgotten About Superdog?

See, I'm going to just qualify this and then put it to bed. This isn't just ANY picture of a cute, dopey-looking dog in an outfit. This is some sort of clever, hubristic little terrier, Jack Russell or Fox or whatever. And the thing is, you get a dog like that into a super outfit, that dog is going to believe they ARE super, like a little kid would. And that's why I love Superdog. See, when a dog like this has its ears back it's an expression of fear or shame or pain. And I love the cant of Superdog's ears because it's like he actually feels a little shameful that he's so fucking cool. You know? Like he doesn't want anyone else to have to feel less cool just because he's so ass-kickingly asskicking.

And the way his mouth is open connotes some sort of ongoing action, some adventure afoot. It's like he could only drop from the sky long enough for one photo and he's got to get back to foiling terrorists and eviscerating pit bulls.

Yay, Superdog! Rock, Superdog! Rock!


Blogger Employee of the Month said...

Superdog - keeping our backyard borders squirrel free.

Superdog - no toilet unlapped on his watch.

Superdog - all spilled food matter scientifically analyzed with lightning speed by his spectrograph-like tongue.

Superdog - alerting the citizenry within a five block radius of the harmful and dangerous approach of the mailman with his SuperdogSuperSonicBark.

Superdog - never forgotten.

9:57 AM  

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