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I hereby post my newish song "An Easy Winter" for your free downloading pleasure. Because I love you and want you to have some nice free jangle. Dammit, don't we all deserve that?

And because Al said.

Um, "An Easy Winter". What's interesting about this? Oh- the drums were cannibalized from a primo take of a cover of "Learn To Fly" by th' Foos. I cut them up to fit this song and it worked out better than I would have thought. These drums were laid down by a guy named Dave Barrett who I've played with quite a bit around here and who is quite good. He's something of a Keith Moon; his great tone comes from beating the shit out of his drums the way you're supposed to and that makes casuals hard for him. You need Freddy from the Hot Fire band for that; he does th' whisper backbeat. It's just different schools. I have use for both of them.

Now, Dave's got an old friend who is an acolyte of producer/engineer Jack Douglas who you of course know engineered Imagine and Who's Next? and produced all the '70's Aerosmith albums and Double Fantasy. And so he's doing an album for Jack Douglas that I've been hired to play bass for. We'll see, you know? It's the music biz. Th' remuneration would be nice. I give it 60-65%. 60%. Of actually happening.

Fucking Soulfinger. I mean music biz. The fucking shit I've had on the line. The stuff that was supposed to happen THE NEXT GOD DAMN DAY. The way the STARS were about to ALIGN and DIDN'T OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

It's like a stone in my polesmoking egg foo young. Dammit. DAMMIT. Like a fireant in my polesmoking crack. Like a tear that hangs inside my polesmoking soul forever.

An Easy Winter
Copyright 2005 Bobby Lightfoot/Boatsongs BMI/all rights reserved

Take your hat from the hook by the doorway
This old world she won't wait for you now

And in time it will find its own meaning
But for now take that coat from the wall...

I recall how you tore me to pieces
That was small but I paid you in kind

And I cried through that god damned December
With the words that you said
On my mind...

And I'm praying for an easy winter
The kind you have when you're just 25

An easy winter
Because I can't stay
No, I can't stay inside...

I will float like a mist on the water
To a place where I'm kissed by the sun

And your light will no longer suffuse me
But for now there's the door
That's the one...

And I'm praying for an easy winter
The kind you have when you're just 25

An easy winter...
Because I can't stay...
No, I can't stay...
No, I can't stay...


Anonymous el generale brentmeister said...

I'm digging the subtle use of Javascript in the lyrics there, Bob. Very Post Modern.
hwlino - floor covering for dog kennels.

4:00 AM  
Blogger fgfdsg said...

The winter of my 25th year was anything but easy for me.

Once again, i'm destroyed - embarrassed that I ever even considered myself a songwriter.

Jangle's probably my favourite genre, and like everything else you do it very bloody well.

Why isn't this on the radio?

Good luck with the album.

5:39 AM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

Might be my favorite one so far. Extremely well done!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous fishy said...

I've really liked everything you've offered up to this point, but THIS one I'm gonna swipe from. Very nice.

8:48 AM  

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