Anatomy Of A Song #13: Summer Breeze

Oh, Christ- remember that song? I don't know if I'm going to completely blow what little cred I have on this one but this is one gnarly fucking little piece of craft. I know the lyrics are the story of some guy walking through a room but heck, what a walk, man. There is a balancing of themes through the use of reharmonizations and little reintroductions that comes off as sort of playful and Beethovenesque. And that's not just intellectualizing- I remember that is was exactly that element of this song that made my 9-year-old self want to do...something...not sure exactly what...with Mary Kendall.

Remember being presexual? How fucking hilarious. Sporting wood from th' bra ads in Sears and just wanting to hug that woman somehow. Shit cracks me up. All the confusion and guilt and mystery. I remember being so young that I thought your thing physically threw a switch inside a woman- from Not Pregnant to Pregnant I guess.

So I roughmixed "I Could Try" and drove it around today. I've been totally sidetracked by this Soulfinger business and this song is a distant memory that I've got to read back into RAM and get finished. I've also got this thing cooking with an LA publisher/song broker. I was actually going to blog it and call it "Anatomy Of A Deal" but my whole blog is already about how shit goes south with music so that would be redundant. Plus they'll probably Google me and end up at some post talking about what fucking hideous, small-minded vampires they are. So that's out.

Fucking vampires.

It's pretty breezy, this one. A dopey, crafty little number that sounds like Donald Fagen doing a twice-as-fast version of "Groovin'". It will be the perfect opener to my summer season. It's got a heck of a lot of detail but is still pretty open and downright spare in parts. The section where there's drums, bass, piano, Rhodes, sundry percussion, guitar, three doubled trumpets and tripled four-part harmony is not one of these sections. I hear a couple of vocals that I'll bounce around- the first line of the second chorus will be pasted into the first chorus because it sounds a lot better.

The trumpet solo section will be the best thing. I've worked painstakingly on the score to achieve actual fanfare-dom. Literally. And that's all that remains. I haven't even given the guy the score yet. Must get off my ass. It's just the no-paycheck-at-the-end thing impairing my motivation. I just have to remember how fun it will be to post th' thing after all the amble preample.


Blogger fgfdsg said...

So close... can i touch it? Can I?

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr foot,
i'm thinkin maybe your old
would just love to lend you a
hand and put your new music to
the ears of the pioneer valley.
then it will just balloon!!!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

I just have to say that Donald Fagen playing "Groovin'" at double speed is a recipe for either the best music or the worst music ever.

Why are the Republicans so fired up about immigration? Because of those commie "maomxcns."

11:12 AM  

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