Heartbreak is a lover's game/Like a cold, cold rain

Yeah, boy. Wooo-hooo. Boy polesmokin' howdy. So, I posted a cool demo I did of New York songwriter Joe Cifarelli's superlative "Heartbreak" a bit of a time ago and pulled it seein' as it's making the rounds and it ain't my writing to do with as I please. Joe has th' ears of a lot of industry folk and I've just got that hit-making Midas touch so it's a good collab. Joe assures me that it's copyrighted and everything so I shall now repost it to th' delectation of dozens. Good stuff. Christ, I can't remember the last time I copyrighted anything. See, the Library Of Congress can basically do Ajax lines off my fuckin' scrote. They're part of the government so I'm not giving them either of my hard-earned motherfuckin' dollars.

If you want to steal my shit have fuckin' at it as far as I'm concerned. You'll just be shooting yourself in the foot: I've been commercial suicide longer than Brintey Schmears has been alive, man. Have at. Christ. I'll give you th' URL. You wanna make some money in this biz just fart in a bottle and have big fake tits. Stay the fuck away from my commercial nonviability, that's for sure.

And yeah, you're right. I guess I do sort of like it that way. Sure, I have to live in torture and die in ignominy but hey, that's pretty much everybody's story, right? What's that? It isn't? Hey, you know what seems like a cool band for youngsters? Take Back Sunday. Lead singer is really, really funny.

Anyway, so I'm doing a couple more things for Cifarelli, a pretty, poignant bluesy thing called "Rollin' And Tumblin'" that I'm treating to a sort of Stevie Wonder-by-way-of-"Still Crazy" Rhodes-led vibe and a very bluesy take of th' Robert Johnson story called "Delta Blues" that is getting a chickin lickin' acoustic slide to Zeppelin stomp whisper-to-a-scream sort of thing.

Will slap them up pronto. So, yeah- here's

"Heartbreak" by Joe Cifarelli.

Didn't work? Of course it didn't. Try this crap.


Blogger Employee of the Month said...

You know the drill.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Brit-knee's left tit is worth more than you and I combined - plus the band and the songwriters and the rest of humanity.

Gee, I kinda think something is wrong with this picture but the authorities assure me that is not so.

11:02 PM  

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