Bear th' fuck with me, man.

I'm just trying to figure out where this thing's going in '07.

I know exactly where I want it to go but I don't know if I've got th' stones.

A lot of people I know are reading this now.

It's getting harder to be honest. That's all I really care about. I'm surrounded by fucking lies every second of every day of my life and that presents me with my "niche". I consider it a public service of the highest order to be truthful, as wretched and horrible as it sometimes is.

If I've put forth even the tiniest, most infinitesimal inkling of giving a dump of how I'm thought of or perceived I've already failed. There are already so many things I wish I could talk about but can't. I think that's fine. I think that's human. Honesty isn't necessarily about snotting out the deepest, darkest chunks of your fucked-up psyche. There is such a thing as too much of it. We've all had a lover like that, man. We've all had a friend like that. It can be cruel and pointless. It can be masturbatory and selfish.

But I don't like the world and I don't like the culture we've elected to live in. Yes, elected. See, if you take responsibility for it that means you have a little power over it. That's why I take responsibility for my part in everything. I'm so beyond disgusted. It doesn't mean I'm negative. It means I'm sane. Yeah, I think it's an awful place. What the fuck happened? We've got it all, man. We've got all that 1984 shit. I think we sell our children out daily. Especially those of us who operate in the cultural sphere. We just can't stop. I think it's just fuckin' wretched. I bet they've all watched fucking Hussein swing on YouTube. That's great. I think the best thing we could do would be a long and protracted campaign of selective assassination. We need a Resistance. We need an Underground. We need a fucking Al Qaeda that's a little more selective. I really think that. And I'm a lover of peace and beauty.

So, see? Where's the line? I think it's right over there. Off I go.


Blogger roxtar said...

You can't stuff 10 pounds of loathing into a 5 pound bag. You can tamp it down for a while, but eventually you've got to get rid of some or the bag will split.

It's healthy to let it fly. Maybe not popular. Certainly not politically correct. But what's the alternative? End up like one of those Pajama Media shitbags? Jesus, nobody wants that!

Yeah, we've turned a great idea into shit. Behind the botox and the fake boobs is a chancered, syphilitic whore, and Chris Wallace is her pimp.

The president thinks he can listen to our phone calls and read our mail, and "surge" another 20,000 young people to the brink of their doom for no good reason. What the fuck?

I feel ya', brother.

7:50 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

I was listening to Love Is Only Sleeping whilst reading this post. I had forgotten about it.

Nice record Bobby.

What do I have, like 10 years on you or summin? Not a lot a time left it seems.

You can be honest. You can take the high road. You can try to do the right thing. You just can't expect the same in return.

Here's where I'm at - I'm not going to ever be like them, but I'm also never going to be able to change them, and I'm never going to let them fucking rob me of the beauty of this life, like enjoying a good record like the one I just listened to...

6:21 PM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

I keep thinking we're going to hit some point and turn around. Thinking it, not feeling it.

What I'm feeling is that the end times are nigh. And not the End Times the Christers are waitin' on.

2:29 PM  

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