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LA Times, June 25 2001:

Three other sets of true distinction, though, provided lessons for all the other acts. In Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell, STP's Scott Weiland and the Cult's Ian Astbury, the bill sported three bona fide rock stars who command attention with both talent and presence.

The reunited Jane's Addiction set was a bit hampered by technical problems and never quite caught fire, but both Farrell (in a shiny, lime-green pimp suit) and body-painted guitarist Dave Navarro can't fail to make an impression. Weiland's stage dynamics and STP's still-growing catalog of strong material both evoke and reinvigorate classic rock values associated with such giants as Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. And Astbury and his Cult showed earnest rock spirit.


Anonymous Simon said...

In other, sadder news, this is at Number One in the English Charts, though admittedly it's a double A side.

Emo Kids At Kareoke Night Who Probably Thought This Was A Josie & The Pussycats Song

Which of course, has lead to comments like this on the Jellyfish pages, which are particularly funny when it sounds like they've just copied the original note for note with a whinier vocal:

mcfly are better cos they put SEX into ther version..and this version..well...it has no sex. =D

Mcfly's Well Better x Cuz They Look Weird Nd Mcfly Are Realy Hott And Sexy And i Love Mfly And Dougieeeeeee <33333333333 So Muchhhh

what i am about 2 say is suicide but who gives a flyers fuk.i think mcflys version is better and i'm not even a fan of mcfly

McFly's version is way better and Tom singing is way better than this is. MCFLY 4 LIFE!

i still like mcflys version more because it is more modern)

omg mcflys version is sooo much betta

in this version this song sounds sooo gayy!.. in mcfly version sounds mux better 100% omg! x.x lol!
mcfly rox

I hate this version. ROCK ON MCFLY!!!

ok, i SO perfer MCFLYS 1!!!!xxxxxxx

nooffence but this aint good updated mcfly version much better :D

2:42 AM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

What a fucking nightmare.

People under 30 are such abominable sideways-baseball hat wearing ignorant little cunts.

And 9/11 is their fault.

Fuck th' young.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous ade said...

I'm following Simon's tangent here...
To be honest, McFly aren't all that bad, really. They play their own instruments adequately and they've penned a few catchy emo-lite guitar tunes. At least they're not New Kids On The Block. The one thing that really holds them back and utterly destroys any kind of credibility they might have is their legions of stupid pre-teen girlie fans who <3 them cuz dey is fit, innit.
I'm quite chuffed for Andy Sturmer that this tune is earning him a few quid in royalties. Maybe it will spur him into making proper music again.

8:02 AM  

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