Lightfoot Musician Jokes 1: WORSE THAN BASS SOLO

A guy arrives at a tropical airport. Along with the heat and the sea breezes and the aroma of spice, he hears the incessant pounding of bass guitar. BOOM boom boom boom. BOOM boom boom boom.

He asks the baggage handler, "So, what's up with the bass?"

The sloe-eyed fellow quickly looked left, then right. "The bass, mon, it very important. Nothing must stop the bass."

Puzzled, our traveller hailed a taxi. The rhythm of the native bass was incessant.

He asked the cabbie, "Yo, bro, what up with the bass?"

The cabbie sucked on a spliff the size of a cheroot and gasped, "Oh, mon. We love the bass. If it ever stop, it will be a great catastrophe. Jah has written it."

The visitor disembarked at his luxury hotel. Despite the grand marble and gold surroundings, the throbbing of the bass was even louder. An obsequious bellhop sidled up to assist the guest with his bags. Wanting to get full value for his tip, the visitor brandished a $20 dollar bill and said to the bellboy, "There's another one just like this for you if you can do me a favor."

Quick like a bunny, the double sawbuck was palmed. "What is it you wish, meester? Dope? Girls? Boys?"

"Nothing like that," said the wealthy Americano. I just want to know about the bass."

"Ohhh, senor has noticed the urgent tropical rhythm of the bass. It is very special. Nothing must stop the bass."

Frustrated with curiousity, ur hero caould hold back no longer.

"What happens if the drums stop?"

The bellboy bared his palm, waiting for the other $20. "If the bass stop, it will be terrible.......after the bass stop.....THEN COME TROMBONE SOLO."

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Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

And I jump in and find my word verification is OOPOM. More tuba than trombone, but still.

Now, what the hell was I going to say ...?

1:12 PM  

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