I believes in th' everlistin' ship of state! And th' hula trinidad! I do! I do! I b'lieve in Gadd th' father and th' hope 'a hevvin! Lard be praised! Lard be praised! I been done brung to my knees with the POWER. the POWER of th' nucular bejeebis!! And th' dad-blasted mooslims! Believes in them trhere too! They is but children of a lesser Gawd! A Doris Lessing Gawd! Dang it! Q!

I been done blessed with th' knowledge a Jeebiz! an' his twelve merry henchmonkeys! What wrote th' Blible! Yeah, I say unto thee and thine the worda Jeekers Christmas is upon this here day true and real and good! Fuck yes! I been dipped in th' Tabasco of Salvation like a hotdog in th' ketchup of Holy wRIT!!

Jeekers come to me on a piece of Wonder Bread and done gived me th' good fuckin' WORD and from this day forth shall I spread th' mayonnaise of EVERLASTIN' PROTEIN! NEVER shall th' filthy lox of the Santa-killin' Jew touch th' Wonder! Nor th' marmite of th' filthy mooslim!

Only th' peanut butter of everlastin' ignorant flyover salvation!!! Yeah, boy!

Didja all solve th' puzzle? This here'z how th' forces of eebil shall confound th' Writ of Gonzalez!!! watch out!! watch out!!!


Blogger XTCfan said...

"I am anal qae daop ertive"? WtF, Bobby...

Anyway, I believe in Gadd the father, too. I have this one album by Chick Corea that he's on, and that motherfucker can play the kit, baby!

hbppf (play in H-flat real quiet, then LOUD)

9:05 PM  

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