Th' Future of Comedy On The Web

Look, don't even bother coming to my page any more. I'm dry, man. Can't you tell? I'm just recycling th' same tired '05-ey crap. I'm not even smart enough to commodify my shit into some sort of revenue stream. I'm a moron- I even give away m'music which is the only thing I emit that's worth anything and damn little at that.

Look, I'm going to drop the whole future right into your fuckin' lap. That way you can never say I'm not good for something.

Yeh, there's this guy named Von Douche. He looks sort of like a Euro Ashton Kutcher but he's young, you know? We'll let him roll. He's got this blig called "Hot Chicks With Douchebags" and it's full-on three-point-0.

Man, I'd tell you about it but if th' premise were a book it wouldn't need a fuckin' foreword, got me? Gotta run. I've got s-s-soulfinger.


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