I'll Make You All A Deal.

Hey, fuck! New Orleans 'n' Biloxi etc. is ALL fucked up. It's not even funny.

So I've been thinking. I'm going to do two things now.

I can't donate much. We'll get a few bucks together I'm sure. A few. Trust me- I'm a musician. I'd make more flipping god damn burgers. It's my choice. So I volunteered with the Red Cross today to ship out. I've got a good back, you know? It'll be a while because there's classes and shit. Who knows how it works. Me being absent from my local economy for a week or two will not adversely affect it. Quite the contrary, in fact. And this thing is going to go on for years. Years.

In the meantime I'm not going to go on about this fucking nightmare all that much. What the hell do I know? I don't know. You'll have plenty of media sources to tune to for outrage and info and disinfo. We're going to keep it funny and angry here at The Orchestra, O.K.?

Then maybe when I go down there to pump sludge I can blog it. That'll be sort of cool.

I think if I don't do this I'll lose my right to Call Out The Cocksuckers, you know?

And this is NOT the time to lose that right. I would say, in fact, that the next six months is going to show us a lot about the cocksuckers. Oh, yes. It's going to be really, really ugly.

I have a luxury that a lot of you don't share- a two-income household where my income (though hard won) is a little chuckle-inducing.

But oh, the talent. And oh, the charm. The charm of me. Man, it's striking. Striking. I can speak on a wide variety of subjects; body fluids, sexual deviance, big jazz chords, all that.



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Tomfoolery and skullduggery with the occasional random act of buggery.

Your blog is The Freshmaker!

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