Just Wanted To Run This By You Guys

So I got this offer to front an R&B band that does all th' casinos and all that crap and make tons of scratch.

I just wanted to run it by you lot and see if it's O.K. because it's just so surreal that I'd really like to go ahead and do it. I know I'd been talking about it in my "Sacred Soul Promise" post so I figured I'd do one of these auditions and I just stepped outside myself a little and slowly lifted the roof off this fucking club in Hartford. I could see the bandleader and the outgoing singer looking at each other out of the corner of my eye when I hit that two-bar-long-high-A on the last verse of "Summertime". Sometimes I don't know if I'm going to be able to get that A and then I just remember Paul talking about singing "Long Tall Sally", about how he had to think about his voice coming out the top of his head to get those notes. Then I think about the starving and the disinfected and it just comes out.

The music's real good and I sing this crap all the time anyway. We're talking Sam 'n' Dave, Urethra, Al Green, Stevie, Otis, all my favorites. And you must understand that we're talking "fronting" in the strictest sense of the word; no instrument to hide behind. This would be all about being a stage-stalkin' bottle blonde white soul twirling cheetah.

I could have my Fender Rhodes up there too if I really wanted. They said. If I felt alone.

Fuck it, man. I'm doing it. I always wanted to be Bryan Ferry in 1977 anyway. Y'all cool w/ that, right?

It'll be funnier than shit and I'll be good at it. And I'll take my revenge on this shit. And on this execrable mucus.


Blogger beyond passionate said...

hey, it's not forever. You'll look back on this too someday and chuckle. Take the money and run laughing all the way to the bank. If you're gonna be a professional musician you can't pass up the good offers.

12:00 AM  
Blogger fgfdsg said...

Go for it mate. At least you'll be singing fantastic material. Imagine being in a Guns N Roses tribute band, like the one up at my local pub, just going through the motions.

Speaking of 'Summertime':

I was mentioning vinyl records to my mother the other day and how the fact they'd been replaced by CDS rendered records worthless in people's eyes and what a shame it was because the MUSIC was still there waiting to be played.

She looked at me and said "I've got all your grandmother's records", and took me to a cupboard and took out all these boxes.

Shit man! The records that are in there, MINT CONDITION. I'm talking original pressings of fantastic stuff. Big Band Music. Bacharach. Sinatra. Judy Garland. Aretha Franklin. Ray Charles. Every musical you can name from Olkahoma, South Pacific, through to Oliver and Paint Your Wagon. Most older people have total rubbish taste. Easy listening albums and Liberace albums. Not mine! My grandmother had the *best taste* in music i've ever seen, and I had no idea all these years.

The cream of the crop: a boxed LP set of Ray Charles and Cleo Laine performing the complete "Porgy And Bess", complete with LP sized booklet of liner notes.

The living is easy indeed...

oazontmx? ok now they're just being silly.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

You'd be so good at this Bobby, you really have to run with it.

I grew up in Hartford. I didn't know they had clubs there anymore, nor the people who'd actually go in them.

Long ago saw Barrence Whitfield & The Savages at "The Muni" in Hartford (The Municipal Cafeteria by day - an actual cafeteria - and a "club" The Muni by night) and they tore it up. I'm working on a post about him even now.


3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, yes! Who better to sing all that great soul than someone with some soul? And great scratch to boot? Freakin' sweet. Do this for awhile, break some hearts, score some moolah and then write and record your masterpiece. I love it when a plan comes together.

Simon, can I just say Holy Freakin' Crap! Good on ya', mate!


8:35 AM  
Blogger XTCfan said...

Gambol while they gamble, Bob-o. And let me know if the drummer sucks.

qovof!! (Sorry, have a bit of a cold)

8:59 AM  
Anonymous the brentmeister general said...

Fill yer boots, Bobby. It ain't like you'll be one of those anonymous backing musicians for Ashlee Simpson/Natalie Imbruglia/Kelly Clarkson (y'know, the ones that stand at the back trying to look "rocking" and "cool" and "into the music" but are secretly dying inside and thinking about their bank balance and paying off the loan on that new Strat they bought just for this gig) or some other such heinous crime against music - you'll be doing GOOD music and getting paid into the bargain.

fezhsg - Tommy Cooper's Hotmail password

11:18 AM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

Right on brother, right on. Promise me you'll do "25 Miles From Home."

Love that music. We just watched "Standing in the Shadows of Motown!"

Go have some fun and make some good music...


1:56 PM  
Blogger teh l4m3 said...

But Mick Hucknall thinks everyone just adores his "pink pancakes."

Ginger twat...

5:17 PM  
Anonymous flem snopes said...

"I could have my Fender Rhodes up there too if I really wanted. They said. If I felt alone."...?

I call bullshit on this comment.

Take your axe, man. It'll only make the band better.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Bobby Lightfoot said...

So it's on.

beyond- so right.

Simon- Ray Charles vinyl box- dude, I could lay down some serious fire while you run for that depilade.

Kevin- used to open for th' Savages at the Iron Horse and Pearl Street in Northampton. They fucking ruled. Remember Treat Her Right?

corndog- masterpiece? This shit's goin' right up my nose, dog.

xtcfan- drummer doesn't suck but he's not as good as you. I could totally picture you playing the long stretch-out on "What Is Hip", all percolatin'.

Brentmeister- the ones I feel sorriest for are those fucking dudes in whatsername's band. That little canadian skank. She Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken.

Viscount- of course "Miles" is in. I'll be standing in the shadows of those who stood in th' shadows of Motown.

teh lm43- when are you going to eat that burger?

flem- if I can't get the splits and the mic-stand snaps together I'll bring th' piano.


11:10 PM  
Blogger Neddie said...

As the Responsible Member of the Family I absolutely must forbid this...this...affront to our cantor father's memory! Oy, what you're doing to your mother, with the blackface and the "Toot-toot-tootsie" and the a-one-and-a-two!

You should be ashamed! Come home, Yonkel! Come home and make your mother an honest woman! You can still go to dental school! It's not too late!

rlsavj, what they used to say on the Stetl when the Cossacks came with the knouts and the wolves and the pain....

11:21 AM  

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