Bobby Lightfoot's Best Ten Gigs Of '05 List

10. The Hot Fire Band at th' Hinsdale VFW, Hinsdale VT 10.8.05

Why: More teeth in band than in crowd. And crowd was huge.

9. The Hot Fire Band at th' Keene Bandshell, Keene NH, 8.17.05

Why: got picture in paper. Lots of retards. Retards rock. Everyone knows that.

8. Lightfoot at Paisano's; Southampton, MA 7.15.05

Why: Drummer Dave Barrett played 20-minute drum solo in "Moby Dick". That's why.

7. King Radio at The Elevens, Northampton, MA 8.22.05:

Why: because we played "Boddhisatva", "Kid Charlemagne", "Peg" and "Dirty Work". That's fuckin' why.

6. Bobby Lightfoot solo at the piano- open mic at The Basement, Northampton, MA 5.16.05

Why: because I played "For One Another", "Paul McCartney" and "Brattleboro April 6 12:05 AM" and no one knew what the fuck to make of it.

5. I can't even remember

Why: Because I can't even remember.

4. Rufus Wainwright, The Calvin Theatre, Northampton MA. 11.08.05:

Why: I didn't say it had to be MY gig.

3. Shocker at The Grapevine Grill, Belchertown MA. 11.19.05:

Why: 1/2 mile from my house.

2. Soulfinger at Cafe Manhattan, Springfield MA 12.1.05:

Why: Any gig where I get to sing "Let's Stay Together" goes in the top 10.


Th' Harridans at Jay's, Arlington VA 10.29.05:

Why: Because Ned Jingo is th' guitarist and he has No Death About Him. That's one of the reasons I love th' fucking guy. You know how Death hangs off people in varying degrees? Shit, I get in my car and that cock is sitting in the passenger's seat talking about how funny "Southern Fried Movie" is. Death is such a cocko.


Blogger XTCfan said...

So, are you then saying by omission that I *do* have Death About Me? Gaaaah!! Get it off.

There, that's better. I feel juhinew

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