The Guy's Like The Jim Morrison Of Assholes!

Oh, wait. Jim Morrison is already th' Jim Morrison of Assholes.

Cheney! Sweet fucking Christ! What's next with this guy! Don't tell me- he stabs Lynn to death in th' Chelsea Hotel! No-no-he...he fucking...he drives a Cadillac into Bill Frist's swimming pool! Yes!

And then Dribbleya...um, he moves into that fucking place in LA where Belushi ate shit and gorges himself on brown heroin and underage Thai hookers of all genders. And that fucking pimple Mclellan starts torching the podium at press briefings. And what's with Laura and that everpresent 2/3 empty bottle o' Southern Comfort?

Actually, I take it back.

These guys are getting cooler all the time.


Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Say it ain't so, Bobby!

Actually, I'm having enough trouble with the lame ass "rock" so common nowadays, so please don't add these assholes into the mix. It might be enough to make me smash my turntable.

10:50 AM  

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