Not That I Of Course Ever Would, You Understand, But This Is How I'd Kill O.J. Simpson

It would probably be something with electricity. No fun, those watts. Somethin' householdey, you know? None of this 50 amp instant shit. A nice, slow, roasting 20 amp 110 V thing. Maybe beat his head with a big plugged-in toaster, then shove it in his ear and pour a bucket of chilled piss on him.

Even that seems sort of mild.

This guy is all of our worst instincts and compulsions rendered flesh. He's like a big Reality Star on The Satan Channel.

I'd be THIS FUCKING SURPRISED if O.J. is president some day. This country is just that in need of nuclear annihilation. Hey, fuck you, you know? All I did was say it. It's not my fucking fault this place needs to be erased from history from 1979 on.


If th' toaster fits, you must acquit.


Anonymous Fred Wickham said...

Yes, more. I love your "how I'd kill" series. Especially, the Rupert Murdoch.

1:55 AM  

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