Bobby Lightfoot's Dick Cheney Death Watch 3.22.07

Well, well, well! So how goes it with Mr. Sucking-The-Marrow-From-Little-Children's-Bones this here week? Well, I know for sure that Shit Head made another visit to his evil Doktor regarding the pustulence in his necrotic shitleg.

There seems to be, I am afraid to report, no major developments therefrom as far as a nice dirt nap for Mr. S.T.M.F.L.C.B.

Since I personally am never farther away than one Fox News crawl to just borrowing my neighbor's scoped .22 and just driving down there and offing this evil cocksucking piece of shit we will give him a Condition Orange today.

Let's hope his leg rots off and that he eats it and dies soon. I don't neccesarily want his slime on my hands.

Furthermore, let us all collectively pray that Mrs. Edward's cancer metastasizes right out of her undeserving bones and settles right in his fucking nutsack and makes a beeline for his brain.

Where it fucking belongs.

Prayer works! Let's call it a Faith-Based Initiative!

Here we see the courageous and selfless Mrs. Edwards shooting cancer vibes out of her finger in the direction of the White House. Huzzah!

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