Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha.

"Th' arc of the moral universe is long but it leans towards justice"

-MLK (The "th'" is actually mine, don't you know). Oh, I'm giddy on this great day. In spite of many, many personal setbacks.

Take a long look at the limburger caste of this fuck's arrogant, hateful face.

Ah, tonight I dance. Tonight I am Madame Defarge with a bouncing, veiny and triumphant boner. I polevault into the future and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

Let us, in the moonlight, roll out th' Dough Of Tomorrow with The Rolling Pin Priapus Of Victory. Scooter has gone 4 for 5. Scooter has gone 4 for 5!

Oh, that's what we get for being a big CHODE. Let it be a lesson. Fraternite! Agilite! Frotagenite!

Onwards to th' Bastille! Through the window with a knife in your mouth for you! Evremonde must die this night!

And this, this for myself: what kind of a man waxes Dickensian and finds use for th' word "chode" in one short post??

Oh, I'm a giddy berolling-pinned Defarge tonight! Feel young again!! This Is Tomorrow calling, polesmokers. Who's going to pick up??????????????? You gonna pick up?



Blogger Larry Jones said...

Everybody knew Fitzgerald was an angry bulldog. What in bell gave Scooter the idea that he could get away with false testimony? Maybe it was his "friends," who set him up and hung him out. Wonder if he'll get a pardon in January 2009, his virginity restored. Wonder how soon Fitzgerald will decide he needs to spend more time with his family...

11:18 PM  

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