Searches That Brought People Here 3.5.07

1. "Biography Of Mahat Magandi" (sic)

2. "Born To Motherfucking Run Or Not"

3. "Yo Lesbain"

4. "fucking mature motherly ladies" (hubba hubba)

5. "the reason Jellyfish broke up" (at least this one makes sense- my music is even more meta than theirs and even less people listen to it).

6. "dog grunts when I hug her" (hot!)

7. "Tito Corleone"- hey Tony! wassup! See how I always compliment your playing?

And of course my two perennial favorites: "Anus Of A Sea Urchin" and "Mel Schacher".


Blogger MichaelBains said...

I never heard as Mel was that much of an asshole. Weird...

1:06 PM  

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