Who LikE McNiggits?

Everyones like McNiggits! ff.
I like th' McNiggits almsot as much as FROOT.
Best thing of all, malchickies?
YOu guessed it- FROOT MCNIGGITS.
Here's how to enjoy your McNiggits more deeply:
-dipping sauce choices are varied and wide. Try going 5W 30 during summer months.
-Only eat crucnchy outside. The inner chiquenen flesh is so bad for you and full of corbopornohydrates.
-if you get a head (see illustrations) eat head but don't look in eyes. Don't try arranging hair with th' "comb". See, she's just a expression!
-MCniggits also good with cinammon and salt mixture.
-try rubbing McCNiggit on other people. So many choices!! So much flavor.
-For sexual play there are few snax as erotic as McNiggits! Try the "McNiggit Love Cannon" move with someone you used to love and wish would go away! They will! Promise.
-And remember! Chewing wears out your theeth.
-ALWAYS KEEP THREE OR FOUR MCNIGGITS IN GLOVE COMPoRTMENT IF YOU PULLED OVER THEY MAKE EXCELLENT BRIBERIES. iF officeer says "are you bribbing me" you just say, "no I was hoping you might let me have some dipping sauce or let me rub McNiggit on your sac."
HOw will that look in th' courts? Try proving THAT!
Bobby Lightfooot's McNiggit Recipes:
1. Batterfried McNiggits!!
-cover McNiggits in batter and deep-fry.
2. Toasted McNiggits
-shove niggit in toaster and take 9 Volt battery from all smoke alarms.
4. McNiggits Fondue
fill mouth w/ McNiggits. Jump in vat in melted cheese. AFter 3 min. get out and take McNiggits out and eat. Remember! Never th' inside part!
And watch for seeds.
3. Smoked McNiggits
-always change water first!

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Blogger Gary said...

I rather enjoy McNiggits Tar-tar (covered with two coats of tar). Raw: ahhh, come on, that would be gross!

Bob, many changes of recent - contact me through mcniggitluver@garygagnon.com. Try it; it really works. Much love to the Flesh-Colored Lady.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

So expressive with the recipes, I am much honoured.

Please to allow me sharing my own McNiggit trick of indescribable greatness: "Sock of McNiggits" wherein the sock of your foot be filled to overflowing with the tempting McNiggits, tossed off the bridge and herewith you dive in after them. Most tasting.

10:48 AM  
Blogger teh l4m3 said...

I heard Trent Lott once went to Colonel Sanders's plantation and ate a whole bucket of McNiglets.

11:32 AM  

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