Every Bit Th' Groundswell I Anticipated.

Man, with th' Knowledge I'm compiling from th' likes of th' Viscounte, Roxtar, XTCfan, Kev'n Wolf and everybody The Bobby Lightfoot Memorial Political Activism Knowledge Repository is going to rock harder than Scott Stapp fronting th' Who. Jiminy Fucking Christmas. Also, we have our fall-back compound established at Jingo Acres. There are a couple of requirements for entry.

I'm going to launch th' blog this weekend as it looks like a slow Soulfinger week. Unlike last week which just about scattered me to the four windies. With this fucking back problem of mine that's haunting me like a malicious little ghost. Who knows where it ends or if it does fuckin' end.

It'll have another name so that it doesn't benefit my personal standing in any way. I'm thinking maybe Smashing The Fucking State Is Fun or something like that.

I'm hoping we can wrap shit up by Christmas and give every poor person in the country a million bucks, whether they're musicians, victims of circumstance or just lazy, drug-addled fucks.


Read the official manifesto


Blogger teh l4m3 said...

I'm printing out copies to disseminate among drag queens and streetwalkers. Word.

BTW, this:

...singing about getting out of Iraq now and fuckin' not assraping the planet for dimes just doesn't sound right when crooned to a Bacharachesque bed of cellos and pianos and 5 part harmonies...

Actually I'm pretty sure you could pull it off.

10:03 PM  

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