Speaking Of Which...

Back in college my favorite browser was Microdot Explorer.

Jesus. I have to play Palmer tonight. Home of the working Right. What am I going to do? How can I be silent? And tomorrow? Springfield. What am I going to do? It's getting harder. And I'm like everybody else, man. I gotta get paid. I haven't got much left to sacrifice for my beliefs.

Registered trademark.

At least I get to do The Elevens in Northampton on Monday with King Radio. The better the music, the smaller the pay package, though. Like, my music? Great stuff. Guess how much I've made off it?

'Bout negative a quahter million dollars.

Tee hee. You think I jest. No siree, I have convinced many goodish souls to throw good money after bad.

I did three nights last summer with this thing at the Majestic Theatre in West Spgfld. and the band leader Joe Canata, who is a Vietnam vet and a 25-year DARE cop actually stopped the show to speechify against the Iraq war. Wow. Burst of applause at end? Fuck no. Uncomfortable silence. Very uncomfortable. Idiots. I told him he was my new hero.






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