Bobby Lightfoot: 41

Yessiree, yesterday was that special, special day for me.

Special. Every year a little oranger. Hung with th' fam and got some fab gifties including a Shure SM86 stage mic which is so dope you wouldn't believe. It's a condenser that rejects feedback as well as yer 58 and and sounds fucking amazing.

And how do you think I celebrated after that? Why, of course. Sang my ass off. It's my job, man. It's what I do. And I don't fuck around.

And you know what? I'm going to give myself my own special present now. I'm going to give myself a well-earned pat on the back. Here it is:

I've been up on that god damn stage my whole life. I'm a musician, man. There's a lot of shit I've done. But you know what I've never done?

I've never been unfaithful, man. I've never been unfaithful. I've said no thank you good night many, many, many times. I've done this.

And I'm going to say it and I'm going to say it through a couple of tears because I've god damn earned it. Here goes: I'm a good man. I don't any power over anything in this crazy world but I've managed that. And if you think that's easy, compadre, you can guess again. Don't expect me to pretend it's been easy. Sorry.

Bobby Lightfoot: good man. Good, orange man.

Happy birthday, me.


Blogger Employee of the Month said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow December baby.

5:53 PM  
Blogger The Viscount LaCarte said...

As good as a man gets...

Happy Birthday!


7:28 PM  
Blogger Newsandseduction said...


11:18 PM  
Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Foot. That IS a pretty amazing feat for a musician.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

Just back from the Xmas family thing. Almost feel like I shouldn't have to comment. Bobby, you know it - I'm a fucking fan. Got it? OK.

ebgor - yeah, that hunchbacked assistant

7:36 PM  
Blogger XTCfan said...

Happy Bday, Bobby. Nothing rhymes with you, Orange Man.

ofbcixx (Office of Finally Becoming 119)

5:06 PM  

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