Re: Vocal Audition


I listen to the audition and also your songs on your myspace. May I make a suggestion? Incorporate more of your style and tone of voice that you are singing from your myspace page to our song? In our song, I really like the middle part of the audition where you use the affects machine when you are talking.

Thanks for your audition. Please send us one more audition with the changes.

May I ask, how old are you? Are you willing to work with some to be 21 yr olds?




"Lonely 'Round Here"

Joe Cifarelli and I tracked his epic lonely-barroom minor blues over th' last couple of months. Joe is on all the guitars and I did everything else. Our addition to a classic genre.

Let the circle be unpolesmokin'.

"Lonely 'Round Here" by Joe Cifarelli.

Here's all th' other songs so far.