Bear th' fuck with me, man.

I'm just trying to figure out where this thing's going in '07.

I know exactly where I want it to go but I don't know if I've got th' stones.

A lot of people I know are reading this now.

It's getting harder to be honest. That's all I really care about. I'm surrounded by fucking lies every second of every day of my life and that presents me with my "niche". I consider it a public service of the highest order to be truthful, as wretched and horrible as it sometimes is.

If I've put forth even the tiniest, most infinitesimal inkling of giving a dump of how I'm thought of or perceived I've already failed. There are already so many things I wish I could talk about but can't. I think that's fine. I think that's human. Honesty isn't necessarily about snotting out the deepest, darkest chunks of your fucked-up psyche. There is such a thing as too much of it. We've all had a lover like that, man. We've all had a friend like that. It can be cruel and pointless. It can be masturbatory and selfish.

But I don't like the world and I don't like the culture we've elected to live in. Yes, elected. See, if you take responsibility for it that means you have a little power over it. That's why I take responsibility for my part in everything. I'm so beyond disgusted. It doesn't mean I'm negative. It means I'm sane. Yeah, I think it's an awful place. What the fuck happened? We've got it all, man. We've got all that 1984 shit. I think we sell our children out daily. Especially those of us who operate in the cultural sphere. We just can't stop. I think it's just fuckin' wretched. I bet they've all watched fucking Hussein swing on YouTube. That's great. I think the best thing we could do would be a long and protracted campaign of selective assassination. We need a Resistance. We need an Underground. We need a fucking Al Qaeda that's a little more selective. I really think that. And I'm a lover of peace and beauty.

So, see? Where's the line? I think it's right over there. Off I go.