Ripass Fuckin' Stink

Yeh, know I posted this a couple of months back but I just cued it up a time or two and it blew the ol' hair back pretty good.

This is th' project I've been doing with Joe Cifarelli, "Gypsies Watching TV"(??), where he brings in songs, I produce 'em and sing 'em, and he does bitchass guitar overdubs.

We've been working on a couple of new ones, a slow-burner minor blues called "Lonely 'Round Here" and a "Miserlou"-ish rocker called "Arabella". Meanwhile he's been putting them on garbageband where they are doing a brisk business and winning all th' awards.

"Delta Blues" just rips my shit and I hope it does yours as well or else I look th' tosser. It's just really smelly and earthy and I sing the ripass shit out of it and Joe scribbles motherfuckin' magic on it. The acid slide-over-the-pickups stunt guitar shit is actually me, believe it or not, but he's doing all the Mayall on it. Speaking of believe-it-or-not, I actually played this drum track too which shocks me with its decentness.

Time will tell on the Johnson samples. I integrated them in a way that they could be pulled without hurting the song if they end up being too gross.

Don't read th' retarded reviews.


No Need To Talk It Out, We Know What It's All About

Yeah, Paul Williams wrote this along with Roger Nichols back in 1971 but it was th' Carpenter siblings who launched it into the stratosphere of Eternal Pop Greatness.

And it is I who croaketh it herewith through the phlegm of a nasty but gradually abating February illness. I could have waited a few days but it's not like th' song is called "Rainy Days And Thursdays", you know?

Get out your Brady Bunch lunchboxes and have another bowl of Quisp- it's time for

"Rainy Days And Mondays"