Bobby Lightfoot's Dick Cheney Death Watch 3.6.07

Oh, my friends! Th' Dick Cheney Death Watch hits an Orange Alert today as a chunk of cheezeburger macaroni th' size of a pomegranite is located in the stinking, green, necrotic flesh of his gross, wrinkled thigh.

A great day for freedom-loving people everywhere!

Onward to Red, Red, Red!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha.

"Th' arc of the moral universe is long but it leans towards justice"

-MLK (The "th'" is actually mine, don't you know). Oh, I'm giddy on this great day. In spite of many, many personal setbacks.

Take a long look at the limburger caste of this fuck's arrogant, hateful face.

Ah, tonight I dance. Tonight I am Madame Defarge with a bouncing, veiny and triumphant boner. I polevault into the future and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

Let us, in the moonlight, roll out th' Dough Of Tomorrow with The Rolling Pin Priapus Of Victory. Scooter has gone 4 for 5. Scooter has gone 4 for 5!

Oh, that's what we get for being a big CHODE. Let it be a lesson. Fraternite! Agilite! Frotagenite!

Onwards to th' Bastille! Through the window with a knife in your mouth for you! Evremonde must die this night!

And this, this for myself: what kind of a man waxes Dickensian and finds use for th' word "chode" in one short post??

Oh, I'm a giddy berolling-pinned Defarge tonight! Feel young again!! This Is Tomorrow calling, polesmokers. Who's going to pick up??????????????? You gonna pick up?




Searches That Brought People Here 3.5.07

1. "Biography Of Mahat Magandi" (sic)

2. "Born To Motherfucking Run Or Not"

3. "Yo Lesbain"

4. "fucking mature motherly ladies" (hubba hubba)

5. "the reason Jellyfish broke up" (at least this one makes sense- my music is even more meta than theirs and even less people listen to it).

6. "dog grunts when I hug her" (hot!)

7. "Tito Corleone"- hey Tony! wassup! See how I always compliment your playing?

And of course my two perennial favorites: "Anus Of A Sea Urchin" and "Mel Schacher".

A Couple Of Little Things To Get You Through Another Polesmoking Monday.

1. The odds are really, really good that you'll wake up one morning to the breaking news of Dick Cheney's demise.

2. There are still people out there that plug in guitars and with a minimum of fuss blaze out shit like this:

"Bad Boy"

being a honking, adrenalized version of the Larry Williams classic performed by Lightfoot in '05- Dave Barrett, Bobby Lightfoot, Henry Slater.

See? You can fucking make it.