Hello, My Name Is Bong

Hey, whattup, whattup?

Hey, my name's Bong Gonzales. I'm a salsa instructor in Montreal and Bobby has asked me to do a post here and there for him because he's been struggling with some personal demons lately and doesn't have the time or inclination right now to put a whole lot of time into saying the same things over and over again with new curse words.

Bobby got in touch with me because, well, I guess because my name is Bong. I think Bobby feels that I must be O.K. if my name is Bong, you know? He said something like, "if more people were called Bong the world would be a better polesmoking place".

bobby located me when he was doing a post about bongs and my picture came up in a Google search. He was very amused when he contacted me to learn my last name was Gonzales. "It just sounds fuckin' awesome", is I think what he said. "It sounds like you should hang with people with names like "Spliff Martinez" and "Sinsemilla Sanchez".

Whatevs, you know? I've been hearing crap like that forever as you can imagine, and every time people think they're cleverer than the last. See, where I come from in Manila, "Bong" actually means "Eustace".

Also, where I come from "Bob" means "a dude who licks monkey ass from sunup to sundown". "Bobby" is young dude who licks monkey ass from sunup to sundown.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys and I look forward to telling you some of my opinions of sweet electronics and also giving you some top ten lists. I love electronica and rave culture. Also, I'm an internet and chatroom fan and dancing is my life!

Bye, y'all!

: )



Let's relive a couple of outstanding moments of Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan.

-when they throw money at th' shapeshifted Jews in the bed and breakfast. A personal favorite.

-the naked 69 fight

-when the kids run for the ice cream truck and the bear rages out teh window

-bear's head in refrigerator

er, what else?