Republican Politician Name Generators

Yeah, there's a couple three different ones. First one is simple- for the first name just use some slang word for "penis" (I hesitate, unlike many amongst us, to refer to it as the "male penis". I'm not being payed by th' word here).

Anyway! That's a mouthful! Heh!

Last name: Just add a branch of military service and a nonsense syllable! It's easier'n fuck!

-Dick Armyblerch

-Cock Marinefloont

-Prick Navyblunt

-Prong Forceburton

Try it! Trade 'em with you friends! Scare your mom!

Here's System Number Two, fumapolios:

For th' first name you just come up with a garment and for th' last name you use a computer part:

-Mitt Rom(ney)

-Sock Motherboard

-Brief Networkcard

-Glove RAMmery. Glove Rammery- guy's all OVER deregumalation.

-Pants Hardrive.

Finally, my dears we have the "first name- gross little slimy animal, second name physical malady" approach. Check 'er:

-Leech Exzema

-Worm Sciatica

-Shrimp Klostomie

Woah! That's mildly amusing. See, I haven't lost my edge. I've just gone back to music for a while. Anybody wants to pay me for writing offensive shit I'm all over it.

'Til then, let's see if you can come up with SOME MORE!


Woah! Th' Lost Prophecies Of Nostradamus #1!

Two hundred times ten from the Birth of the Son Of Man
From the West will come The Idiot Son
But he will actually come from the East
And just act like he came from th' West.

From a mother who looks like the label
Of The Oats Of Quaker
With a beautiful mind
Shall The Idiot Son issue
In th' West. I mean East.

Rich beyond riches from the Black Blood Of The Moor
And afflicted in the mouth and mind
The Idiot Son raineth wrath down upon the four corners of the earth
Until grape and grain shall at length
Cause him to topple
In the shower.